Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Christmas

我将在明天(星期六)带团到韩国去, 与听众享受9天冬季欢乐游, 在此让我先预祝大家<圣诞节快乐> 我会在12月25日回返工作岗位, 在我没值班的时间, 如果你们在糕点的制作上有什么问题, 你们可以在<我的厨房笔记>的部落格,写comment给我, 我的auntie: Irene将会为你们解答


Anonymous said...

Hi fenying,

My baby is 1 years old now..i want to learn more recipes for her to eat.can you help me?

Or u can email me at

Best regards,

Mrs Lau

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Take Care..enjoy your "duty" in Korea...

Merry Christmas to you & your family.

Mdm Low de H0uSeWiFe said...

Hello Fenying,

TC your health. We tomoro go korea with u.

At korea, pls wear alot of cloths as there is very cold! Mind your body before catches flu.

see you there!

Remember to giv me surprise at
Korea for my wedding aniversary!

These 2 days , didn't hear ur voice, i felt very boring, and misses u!

i also vry happy as tomorrow can see u!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =)

YW said...

Violet: take good care of your health. Watch up d temperature change and hope u can cope well with everything. 祝你一路顺风 and enjoy your trip. Will miss your voice & laughter on air :)

Wish u merry x'mas over here in advance as on X'mas might not have d time to come here to wish u. all best wishes always. Take care :)

Lian said...

Violet: Are you having great time at Korean??? Miss your laughter & voice on air!!! Don't fall sick and take care hor.

jess said...


Anonymous said...

Violet, really miss you laghter when you are not around especially during these few rainy days. You layghter really perks me up. Without your laughter makes me sleepy in the afternoon and time really moves very slow.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
Welcome home. Hope you have had a wonderful time in Korea and have recovered from your flu, otherwise you would have been very stressful there. Merry X'mas to u & yr family.
Yanzi, the DJ covering yr duty is quite ok except that when she introduced the recipe, she speaks very fast and does not repeat, so we cannot listen carefully, not to mention write it down.

One more thing, when u post the blog only the time is shown but not the date, it will be useful if the date can be added in as well.

Regards, Margaret

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

Welcome bk Fenying!!!

As you are at the trips at Korea,
we all misses your voice so much!

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...


My parents also just come bk from the trips also.

My bro took quite numbers photo with Violet as well.

Wish to send you these photos to you but don't know how to contact u.

pls email him ur contact infor in order to send your these photos.

Another problem is regards my parents about the promised of the Lucky Draw to Taiwan or other places. She also worried about whether Lucky Draw is fake or not. Pls double check with the agent, and give my parents a reply. Thx

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

Merry Xmas and a Happi New year to all the Love 972 FM DJs and workers!

THX!!! Muacks <3

Anonymous said...

violet, may i know is the title of this song ? is it dui ni you le gan jue?

And who is the singer?

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

The title is 对你有感觉 sung by 江美琪/光良

Anonymous said...

Violet, do you have any recipe for Cornflakes cookies?

Anonymous said...

Hi fenying

how are u?
Can u help me rent an unfurnished flat at Pasir Ris (any zone) or Tampines (near mrt/interchange). Rent budgeted at $700-$800 (3rm flat) or $800-$850 (4rm flat). Anybody interested may call me at 9694 2099, Thomas

Thank you & Regards
Have a nice day Fenying

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet, hope to c yr korea trip pic in your blog

jess said...


Cammi said...

Hi Violet,

My new wardrobe oso fa mei, pls help. Thanks

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

Hello Violet,

Do any of Love972 DJ having any or us to any trips to any countries.

because my mom heard that Jian Bing
got bring people go trips.
My mom nid the details. She wanted to bring us go vacation again.

Thx =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Can you pls post the recipe for "yao cai ji" (herbal chicken)?


Anonymous said...

fen ying,
hi... wish u good health and happy new year ya.

BB said...

Hi i had just started to listen to ur station not long ago. I enjoy it very much.Especially when it come to " baby". I was a first time mummy and tks that I hv u around to guide me and give me advice.I had question to ask you and really hope that U will be able to help me...My BB is five mth old now, and she is drinking 7ous of milk 6 hourly.But after a while I relise that 7ous is a bit too much for her and 6hrs is also a bit too long. So i had decided to change it to 6ous and 5 hourly.Can U kindly advice me, as a 5mth and 6kg+++ baby how much of milk and how long than should be good for her.

Thank You Very Much

Anonymous said...

Hi 粉樱, My baby 10month old only, she have fever 3days already beaceuse her tooth growing. what should i do? i very worry beaceuse she can't sleep well and don't eat much. Please help!
From New Mum-Serene Ho

Anonymous said...