Monday, August 31, 2009

My son's 1st D&D

Last Saturday, I brought my son to Thomson Medical Centre's 30th Anniversary D&D.
This is also an appreciation dinner for all the celebrities who have contributed in their charity calendar. A total of $300,000 was collected from the charity drive to help the less fortunate children.

My son is really lucky..... only 3 years old can dress up for Dinner & Dance!!
My 1st D&D was during my JC days.....

My son is really funny.....
I think maybe he sees me pose for photos too much liao.....
so once he hears me say "take photo", he immediately strike a pose for me....
I am really very amazed by how well he can pose man!!
Ha ha..... Can make him model for advertisement liao.....

: )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

Your son so smart looking! Very cute. Next time I must take photo with him.

; )


L-5 said...


Wow!!! Ur son dressed till so handsome... :D

He must had enjoyed the D&D a lot.


Anonymous said...

hi violet,

so cute! very smart kid. sure can do modelling for advertisements. you look lovely in the blue dress too!


Anonymous said...

hi fenying,

your son not shy in front of camera. can pose really well. got model potential.. : D


sweetie mummy said...

Hi Violet,

U can let me be exposed and also earn $ since young. wowwwoooo.

One question for Dental doc :

If my gal (6 years old) dropped 4 of her teeth front top and bottom left and right since 6 mths ago. The oldest one did not grow at all. Is there any supplement or help that she can have to strengthen the gum and teeth to grow?


sweetie mummy said...

Hi Violet,

Thanks for the dental Doc's explanation.

She is drinking milk day and nite. She is also using rinse with mouth rinse and also brushed her teeth every monring and nite. Rinsed her mouth after every meal.

I will try the cloth method as the doc's recommendation. I was asking whether do I need to give her IRON or calcium?

Thanks to DOC and Violet.

wei quan said...

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Cheryl said...

aiyo... he really so adorable! the shoes so nice! i want to wear too! hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

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