Saturday, December 12, 2009

Check your windows!

Today 12/12 is a date for us to remember to check our windows.
This practice needs to be done twice a year.
The other date is 6/6.

If flat owners do not maintain their windows in good condition or they fail to window-retrofit, this could result in a maximum fine of $5000 and/or a jail term of up to 6 months.

If window falls due to lack of maintenance, the flat owner can be penalised up to $10000 and/or a jail term of up to one year!

Here are some simple maintenance tips for your windows:

For both types of windows:
-check the glass panes for cracks and ensure that the panes are not loose.

For casement windows:
- replace aluminium rivets and screws with stainless steel ones
- check, clean and lubricate joints/moveable parts regularly, at least twice a year
- open and close the window several times after lubrication

For sliding windows:
- check that safety stopper is in place
- check that angle strip is in place
- clean the track and ensure window panels can slide smoothly

It does not cost a lot to repair your window, but a small amount spent will go a long way in protecting the lives of others. The estimate cost of retrofitting a casement window panel is about $20-30, for sliding window panel is about $10-20. On top of that, most contractors will also charge a basic transport fee of about $20 per visit.

To get the contacts of approved window contractors, you can go to the websites: or call 1800-225 5432 (HDB) or call 6325 8677 (other buildings)

Let's Practise Window Safety! Check your windows today!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

You on leave again? Faster come back! After reading this, I went to check my windows right away. Luckily all are still good condition. Thanks for the reminder.
: D


Anonymous said...

hi fenying,
maintenance of windows is important. i go check my house windows and found out my kitchen window got some problem. called contractor to come to repair. it's better to be safe and fix the problem fast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

We should be responsible and make sure our windows work properly and check them. I saw this post about window safety and take note of the tips and went to see the website. Very useful information!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Heard on radio you be at wholesale fair tomorrow.
I'm going there to buy things.
Hope can see you.
: D