Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thanks To My Confinement Aunty

This is my confinement lady, Aunty Yuzhen.
I am really blessed to have her as my comfinement lady for this time.
She is very nice, just like a mother to me.
Very responsible, good cook, reasonable, systematic, hygienic, never waste, care and love my children a lot.....

We are really like a family. My son loves her a lot too....

Aunty Yuzhen is also good friends with my mum and my in-laws too.....

Especially my little girl.... she is very sticky to her.
Whenever she cries, Aunty juz talk to her, she stops.

It was really fate that brought us to know each other.
As I wanted to get a day plus night confinement lady, so I could not get my 1st confinement lady, who is my friend Nancy.
Then I contacted my sister's confinement lady once I know I was pregnant in January. She agreed.
In March, I contacted her again to pay her some deposit, she saboed me and said she cant do for me.....Aiyo!! Really very irresponsible!!
So I started to hunt for other confinement lady but all the good ones are booked.

Thanks to Supermum Nariko, who recommended me a confinement agency which is the only agency recognised by MOM.
Then the agency arranged Aunty Yuzhen to come to my home to help me.

I am really lucky that Aunty Yuzhen is available during my confinement period.
If later, it will not be her coz her son is getting married early Oct.
I wanted to extend her stay also cannot coz she need to go back to prepare for her son's wedding.
Time flies!! 28 days with her is really too short.
Tomorrow is her last day here. Very sad indeed!
My family and I, especially my girl, will miss her a lot.
Hope that she will visit us often next time when she got jobs here in Singapore.
Greatest thanks to her for being such a great helper.
Do keep in touch, Aunty Yuzhen!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

So lucky to have this experienced confinement lady. Can help you alot during this one month. Lessen your stress.
; )


Anonymous said...


This confinement aunty so nice.
Will consider take her when my daughter give birth next year.
You are looking great!
: )

Mui Lan

Anonymous said...

which one is yr mother? The one wearing black n white stripe de or the flowery blouse?


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thomas, my mum is the one wearing flowery blouse, the other one is my confinement Aunty

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

Wow! You still so beautiful!
So gorgeous!
Envy You. ; )


Anonymous said...

wad yr son chinese name ar?

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

My son's chinese name is 谢秉桦.

Anonymous said...

hi Violet,
if u dun mind, can i have the contact no. of aunt yuzhen or the agency she's working for? thanks in advance. =)


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Tony Ng said...


Gillian Peck said...

Hi Aunty Irene and Fen Ying,
Aunty Irene's pld recipe all gone, I am looking for mango pudding.
Could you give me this recipe again?
I like to make mango pudding for my
mother-in-law birthday.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

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Ler said...

Dear Violet,

Could I have the contact of Auntie YuZhen? I'm nervous of finding a good confinement lady.

Could you email me her contact number? my email is,

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there , can i can your confinement auntie contact please ?

My email :


yen said...

hi fenying
pls share ur gd CL/agency
my edd falls during CNY 2014, pretty desperate now.
Thank you.
my email:

peiling_poh said...

Hi FenYing,

Can I have the contact no of your confinement lady (Yuzhen)?

My email is

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi FenYing, could u send me your confinement aunty contact too at Thank in advance.

Marie Tan said...

Hi FY,

Can u share aunty yuzhen's ctc? My email -

jamie wong said...

Hi FY,

Can share Aunty Yuzhen's contact, please? My email:

Thanks & BR,

Anonymous said...

hi can you please email me your confinement nanny's contact?



Anonymous said...

Hi FenYing, can I have your confinement agency and aunty contact too? Thanks a lot.

my email address: