Friday, January 26, 2007

明星美发师 on "管家有话说"

This is ADDY LEE, the Star Hairstylist 明星发型师 who co-hosted with me on “管家有话说” today and last Thu.

He is the boss of Monsoon Hair Group.

Got a lot of feedbacks from our listeners saying that they love him so much coz he is humorous, knowledgeable and very clear in his answers to all the questions on Haircare.
Everyone is so curious about how he looks.
And some have mistaken him as the Star makeup artiste Andy Lee.

So now, presenting to you, the very HANDSOME : ADDY LEE 李荣达!!

I will invite him to come on again to talk more about haircare.
So stay tuned to my program, ya!!


Anonymous said...


maybe you could propose to Addy that we will post some questions in your bolg and recommended that he help us to solve during your programme.

"Ai Mei De Niu Ren"

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

Would like to seek your opinion, my 1 year old boy perspire even when he sleeps in an air-con room. Any idea why is this so? and some said, allowing infant's to sleep in an air-con room is bad for their health. Is it true??


Anonymous said...

What time does your programe starts?
Anybody who knows, please give an answer.

Anonymous said...

我想问ANDY,我的头发每七个月就去做REBONDING,现在已经做了五次了,我的发质目前为此还OK,我平时有照顾我的头发,我用好的SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER,每天都有用护发油,有时自己做MASK,有时会去做TREATMENT.现在已经第七个月了,新长出来的头发已经蛮长了,也蛮乱的,看了很受不了,很想在新年之前再做一次REBONDING,但又怕头发受损.请问ANDY头发可以一直这样做REBONDING吗?除了REBONDING,还有什么方法可以让头发又直又亮呢?


Anonymous said...




Xueli said...


Everyone is so happy that chines new year is approaching. Are you able to get recipe for sugee cookies.


Xueli said...


Spelling error. Shound be Chinese New Year. Another thing is that I saw your recipes for kuih bangkit I notice that the pandan leaves was not use. Is it suppose to be added into the coconut milk

Anonymous said...

hi, i couldnt find the link to "管家有话说", could anyone pls enlighten? btw. anybody know what can be done when wood fa mei? (hanyu pinyin)

thanks in advance =)

Anonymous said...

hi Violet,

r u able to post to method of remove the dandruff problem, veri sori coz i missed tat day conversation.
Many Thanks.


Anonymous said...

管家有话说 got no link, must listen to Violet's program every Monday to Friday from 2 to 5 pm.

kaypoh listener

Anonymous said...

Love letter the recipe can use electric love letter maker to make ma?



Anonymous said...

你好丫粉樱!我很喜欢听你的广播哦。。很有趣~Addy 大帅哥说话方式也很风趣。。呵呵。。常常听到自己傻笑(用耳机听),旁边人以为我"kixiao"..哈哈。。 加油哦。。下星期起我要开始以你的厨房笔记做饼干了~替我加油吧~哈哈。。拜拜^^ est

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet & Irene,
I've tried making pineapple tarts today, it taste great, 我这个烹饪白痴,也可以有这样的成绩,我要谢谢你们,让我重新对烹饪有性趣。
I have 2 questions, the pastry I made is rather soft, is it correct? I bought 1 kg or pineapple paste but only used less than 1/2, is it correct too?
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi fen ying..

Gong xi fa cai..

you still got 972hongpao packets?i tried to call but cant reached you..can u post to me 2types of red packets..i only need 1type of design..1pc enough cos i got collect the red packets..

Thank you very much..

jess said...

粉樱, 谢谢你!!! 新年快乐!!! baby 快高长大。。。。

Anonymous said...


Hope that you will be able to extend the length of time for "Chu Fang Bi Ji" due to the overwhelming respond and hope that you will be able to teach us 2 dishes per day.


Anonymous said...


I am 1.6m tall and quite plump and I have natural curl and thick hair and ,colour skin is quite dark, so what kind of colour and what kind of hair style is more suitable for me


Anonymous said...

Hi Addy,
I have a square shape of face, my height is 164cm and weight 55.5kg..may i know what kind of hair style is more suitable for me. Thanks


Anonymous said...


what is the ZI HONG Colour? maybe you could explain some of the terms in english.


Anonymous said...


How long will the colour usually last as I understand that violet and red does not last long and do they need bleaching?

Another thing is that some of the colours have very strong smell and is that contained too much amonia and will that effect our scalp?

Anonymous said...

Hi Addy,

Im oval face, ht at 1.60cm, wt 45k, complexion fair. hv stubborn natural curl & it reallys so annoy to see my hair all curl out, messy & untidy. I love to do rebonding but now cant as breastfeeding my baby. Pls advise which hair style wld suit me..thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

I've got hair fall problem, I would like to know is there any solution to this. Thks.


Anonymous said...

Hi fenying, can you check with Addy, average hair drop of how many is considered normal ? At how many then we need to alert ourselves ?

Hair drop after bathe and after wake up in the morning (on the pillow) is it normal ?

I have waist length hair and usually my hair drop is after bathe and drying.

My husband has short hair and usually his hair drop is after wake up in the morning, on the pillow and bed.

Thanks, cheesecake

thanks, cheesecake

Anonymous said...

Hi Addy & Fen Ying,

Im square face, ht 150cm, wt 57kg, colour skin is light brown, lips normal thick.hv stubborn natural curl,i always rebonding my hair. may i know what kind of hairstyle & colour suitable for me?

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi all,
today is the start of my leave, i am now at auntie irene's house so got PC to reply your comments. while waiting for my pineapple tarts to be baked, better reply you fast....

> ai mei de nu ren, ann,
hope you all did not missed Addy's answer last Fri. As for the rest eg. Cheesecake, i will help you to ask him when he come to my program again next time ok??

> for annonymous question on infants in aircon room, i also heard better not let babies sleep in aircon room. If really very hot, maybe the temp can be 26C.

> My prog starts at 2pm, ends at 5pm Mon-Fri.

other recipes will be taught after i come back. The pandan leaves are put in the tapioco flour to fry.

>yap, kaypoh listener is right, thanks for helping me to answer. :)

> As for ds, auntie irene has replied you in our kitchen recipe blog liao, hope you see.

> Thankyou est for your support and congrats to April for your success in baking.

Aiyoh!! My cookies ok liao...
The rest will reply tmlo

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

ok, now can continue to reply the rest of the questions liao... just finished doing my chocolate walnut cookies, now waiting for my husband to fetch me so quickly reply you all lah...

regarding the pastry a bit soft, you using the rub-in method right??
If so, it is corect and with the amount of ingredients in our recipes, it is correct to use half of the pineapple fillings only.

we cannot get 972 angpow thru blg leh... i also dont have many, only 2packets, enough for myself leh.

Thank you jess for your greetings, wish you good health and wealth for the year to come too!!

thanks for your support for my Chu Fang Bi Ji. However, it is not possible to extend the duration and increase to 2 dished per day, coz there might be others who are more interested in other types of programme. so we gotta strike a balance here you see....:)

Audrey, sara and anonymous, hope you heard Addy's reply on-air as for the rest next time when Addy is here then i ask for you ok??

Anonymous said...


tis wk is my first time listening to your 97.2. i love it very much on your topic "love to take care / control the hse"

Pls advise y sometime the radio reception is vy vy poor that i cant receive it and feel disappointed.

Also, where can i know the schedule of your programe. Y straits times dont hv radio programe but tv programe schedule.

Pls also adv if I need Addy blog for hair advice.

Mny mny thanks and I really sad if my radio cant receive/hear you again.
Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Can you please with Addy for me, I wash my hair everyday but I still have "smelly scalp" which sometimes I am quite embarrassed when people walk too close to me.I also use hair conditioner and hair tonic but still I can't solve my problem. Can Addy help?? Thks a million.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fen Ying, yesterday heard Addy mention egg yolk together with hair conditioner can improve hair texture. Can you advise the procedures? I would like to give it a try. Thank you you in advance for your help...ling

Anonymous said...

Hi...feng yin
i wish to propose a question to addy,that is why my son hair kept on having dandruff,even with frequently washing of hair?Currently he is using "follow me" shampoo.Any recommendation or solution to solve this problem,please don't hesitate to reply back to me,or broadcast it on your show,as more ppl are having the same problem. Thanks lot appreciate

yuki said...

Hi Violet & Addy

Is it true that hair texture will chng frm fine to coarse & frm straight to curl after given birth?

I rem Addy mentioned tat he will open a new branch open at Novena Square. Jus checkin,the charges range for senior hair stylist. Is there any range for charges $25 -$35 for hair cut & wash for ladies short hair? & which hair senior hair stylist wld he recomm. I rem Addy did mention on air before but cant rem their names liao.

Deelis Ang said...

HI Violet & Addy

I have ask many times the question about my daughter oily hair, but Addy never reply. I have tried using the shampoo for oily hair but not effective. Everytime after washing hair and the moment the hair dry, it become oily and smelly, how to help her to get the hair normal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Violet,

I go temple to pray and someone used candle leak on my loving skirt.

Could you please help me to solve my probem?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Addy charges very expensive think I have to sve up first. May I know for 972 listener, can he discount a bit haha

Anonymous said...

i like here, because of no police. Yong mei there now became a police station. haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Violet,

Where is Addy's saloon located and how much he charge for a hair cut?

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Where is Addy's salon located and the price of a hair cut for gal and rebonding.

Xie Xie Ni...

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

I am new here, I wish to know is it I have to listen to Love972 then I can get the reply?

Melody :)

Christina Tan said...

Hi Violet, please help me!

I have a gal who is 6 yrs old. There are 2 areas of concern. One, is that she usually gets up and cry in the night (unaware), what can I do.

Two, she always refuse to speak to any adults (teachers, relatives, etc.). She only communicates with her classmate, her younger sister and myself. I am a single mother and am very worried about her. Both her school teacher and myself has been trying to get her to reply to the teachers, communicate with them, etc. but refuses. Whenever any adult speaks to her, she will just listen and turn her head away. She will never ask for help even when she needs one. What can I do to help her?

Please assist.

Christina Tan said...

Hi Violet, I also need help from Addy.

I am 40 yrs old, and have thin natural curl hair. I have been keeping my hair short since about 10 years ago and I am getting tired of the same hairstyle. What can I do if I want to grow long hair or if not what kind of hairstyle is more suitable for me?

chanlyong said...

嗨!粉英小姐,我尝试学习上"部落格",很多步骤都不清楚. 如果在"管家有话说"中能教一些简单的电脑常识,相信许多不懂电脑的妈妈,阿姨,阿婆,奶奶会受用不尽.

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,i need some help from Addy,kindly pass the message to him can.Thks
I 33yrs old,evrytimes i wash hair my hair drop alot around 10 and after i wash hair i comp my hair than my hair drop again around than total 20+ hair everytimes i wash hair.Now when i think want to wash hair,i feel very fearful and afraid.........what should i do? Chelsea

Anonymous said...

i know FOLLICIN --- a new hair lost control product in marketing now.some of my friends used it and have good feck back.if anybody want can proceed to GLAMOUR ACADEMY.the address is: 100 beach road #01-12 shaw tower.or call 62977377 to seek the help

mel said...

i just bought follicin!

Melissa said...

I just bought follicin from Craftmode salon in thomson plaza. Was a little worried to try this, but i read your review and will try it tonight! Wish me luck!

sue li said...

嗨!粉英小姐,你好,我可以要Addy的电话号码或联络网站,因为我的朋友很叛逆所以我需要Addy的电话号码你可以跟我联络号码,我是sue li我的联络号码是hp:83832486
pls contact miie thank u veri much^^