Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shopping Queen

I am on this week's i-weekly radio page where we showcase what we bought during the Great Singapore Sales. We also provide some shopping tips in the column.

Actually I have bought more items but the writer only picked 2 items to be featured, the evening dress and the silver bag.

Actually, altogether I bought these many things!!
1) Evening dress i am wearing: bought from HANA at The Arcade for half price at $490!! UP: $980
2) Silver bag: bought from ST shop at The Arcade for $15. UP: $28
3) 3/4 grey empire dress: bought from Sianeder at AMK Hub at 40% discount at $31! UP: $43
4) White shorts: bought from Sianeder at AMK Hub at 20% discount at $29! UP: $$34.80
I also bought 3 non discounted items from Sianeder.......
2 blue skirts and the black dress top featured on my previous posts.
Some actually asked how much they cost...... I shall list out here:
1) plain blue skirt costs $37
2) blue flora skirt costs $39
3) black dress top costs $35
Although no discount but they are very nice so I also bought them.
What about you??
What have you bought during GSS??


Tammy said...

1) Evening dress i am wearing: bought from HANA at The Arcade for half price at $490!!
UP: $980

when i see this.. my eyes almost pop out.. ~.~"

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Your evening dress is nice but too expensive. 恭喜972排列第二。希望往后的节目越做越精彩,加油加油!Hurray!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet, can i hv a full look of yr sliver bag? It likes very nice, feel like buying one too.


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi all,
I like the evening dress coz can show my figure, kekekeke....
So i decided to buy it.

Thanks GCH for your encouragement.

As for jade, you may look at this week's i-weekly coz got a close up of my silver bag.

sweetie mummy said...

Hi Violet,

U look so sexy in the evening dress, really cannot tell that you have baby.


Congratulation to the high rating. Keep up the good efforts.

Rdgs...Sweetie Mummy

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet, i will buy this i- weekly. But do u hv photos of yr sliver bag n can post it here?


Nicole Hah said...

hi violet,

you evening dress is very beautiful, but S$490.00, is that very expensive ha! hee hee... i not dare to buy dress / things at this price lo!

Anonymous said...

Hi violet, you are getting more n more pretty, may i know how you mantain your figure and your skin?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Violet, this iz LPS. So long never left msg in your blg already. Just 2 let u know that I went to this shop @ AMK 2. I don't quite like the dresses & shirts there BUT I LOVE the skirts there. In fact, I even bought 1 4 myself already. My friend bought even more! She bought 2 skirts & 1 shirt. My mum liked 1 of the skirts there 2. Happy shopping & hope 2 c u 1 day @ the shop.(^_^)~

Anonymous said...

Hi violet, you are so pretty.

Henry said...


You look G O R G E O U S !!!!!
Keep it up