Friday, July 06, 2007

德江的CD: Little Girl!

德江的单曲CD: Little Girl .......
已经在HMV 和 CD-rama 出售了!


Anonymous said...


U R the best among all, i alway support u.

Benny Chew

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet ♥,

Thanks to let us communicate in your blog. I would like to thanks Chris & Jennifer , they are very helpful♥. I'm trying the vinegar "nui ban" today so, if I sucessced I will let your know. Hee...but need to wait until 2 to 3 weeks than can consume rite.☺ I'm 57kg now. So I hope I take this magic "nui ban" can loss until 50kg .Ha...☻♥♪♫♪♫♥

Judy Tan

Anonymous said...

hi, violet, last week got one topic talk about some baby very late to speak because their body had "shui yin", can I have the doctor name and contact no.?
Because my friend child now 3year+ but still can't talk, and other's doctor also can't find out what happpen.
so, I hope that this doctor can help my friend.. Thank you very much for your help......


Anonymous said...

hello, violet, can you talk a topic about potty training?

Snowy said...

Thanks for writing this.