Friday, April 18, 2008

My Happy Birthday!!!

This is the birthday cake my dearest godmother, Auntie Irene made for me!!

She says: "This is Violet Mousse Cake"!!

I really love this cake coz it not only looks nice and sweet, it tastes very good too!!

Most importantly, it is the love, the thoughts and the efforts that my godmother puts in that really warmed my heart!

Greatest thanks to Auntie Irene!!

Besides the Violet Mousse Cake, she also made for me a box of French pastry - Macaroons!

There are 2 different flavours : Chocolate and coffee!

I have never tried such a great pastry before. Its skin is very crispy and it really melts in your mouth!! Really enjoyed the taste of it!!........... Sedap.....bagus.......

I would also like to thank all listeners and friends for your well-wishes and presents!

: )

How to celebrate my birthday today??

With my beloved husband, of course!

We will "dump" our adorable son for one night and enjoy our dinner-for-two!!

Wish everyone who love me, to have good health and wealth and success in everything you do!!


: )


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hi Violet

Happy Birthday to u... May all your wishes come true...

Anonymous said...

hi violet,

happy birthday to you...may happiness & good health be with you always.

your programme is very interesting & informative, able to learn alot of things. keep up the good work!
have a great day.. enjoy dinner with husband.



Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Happy birthday to u,hope u happy always,i like your programme.


Nicole Hah said...

hi Voilet,


Richard said...

Hello Violet,

Today is your Big Day, Happy always...



Anonymous said...

Hi 粉樱



Anonymous said...


Happy birthday to you. May all your dreams and wishes come true.

Wishing you happiness, good health and everything you wanted for you and all your loved ones.

Best wishes.


Irene said...

*。*。生日快乐 。*。*
Happy Birthday To You

agnes said...

Hi Violet 粉樱,

Happy birthday to you. Wish u all the best, dream come true, good health and good luck c'')


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

Happy Birthday to You!

All the Best to You.


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet



Eileen said...


祝你生日快乐,青春永驻,笑口常开, 身体健康!

May said...

Hi Violet,


Anonymous said...

Dear Violet,

Happy Birthday to u. Many happy returns


agnes said...

Hi Violet and Dr Chong,

I am 29 years old but when period is come only come around 4days. It's normal? Some time will come 一块一块的血块izzit ok? pls advise.

Joanne said...

Hi, Violet,

祝你生日快乐,身体健康,心想事成, 永远青春美丽!

Cheryl said...

Violet, Happy Birthday again. Lolz...

Listening to your programme as I am working... =) lolz...

Anyway, you get to eat macarons? i have a friend who is crazy about it? really that nice to eat ah?!


Xueli said...


A very ***Happy Birthday To You***

From Thomas & Shirley

Michelle said...


Happy birthday to u n hv a grat day tonite ya !!! ;-)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Violet!!!!

Anonymous said...




Oink Oink said...


Wow.. What a nice cake. Auntie Irene always full of ideas, hehe.

Happy Birthday to you and may all your wishes come true.

"Dump" your son at home ar? Oh, so poor thing, bring him along lah. Keke...


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
Hapi B'day to u!

Just to recommend new "IN" toothpaste! Me oso using it ....

The toothpaste is black in colour but during brushing it's will turn into white foam.

I oso recommending my friend to use and they find it not bad.

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Mabel said...

Hi Violet

... Happy Happy Happy Birthday ....

Hee hee Auntie Irene, now I know your pattern liao, I click the words you send to Fenying hor and can see the birthday cake.. kekeke

sweetie mummy said...

Hi Violet,

Happy birthday to u.

See u tmr at Botanic garden.

Becky said...


祝你生日快乐,心想事成, 开心永远.

Becky said...


祝你生日快乐,心想事成, 开心永远.

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet
Happy birthday to you !!
I would like to ask Dr Christopher some question. I had an abortion in Oct'05 due to some chromosomes problem. I had a miscarriage early this year. I am already 39 this year. Do you suggest I should continue to try ? Due to my age ? And also after the abortion, my menses get very "little" than before. What happen ?
Mrs Chua

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks all for your birthday wishes! Really appreciate your effort to come to my blog and leave birthday messages for me! : )

Also, thanks to you for loving my program. Stay tuned and best wishes to you all too!!

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You And All The Best.Waiting for aunty Irene new recipes on air. Take Care.


L-5 said...

Hi Violet,







Anonymous said...

Hi Violet!

Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have many happy returns of the day. Good Health & Happiness always! (^-^)

Karen Lauw

Margaret said...

Hi Violet

虽然之前已在电邮里预祝福你生日快乐,在此再献上祝福,祝你工作愉快,阖家安康,天天开心,事事顺心! 相信你今天已过了一个非常开心的生日,收到满满的祝福,will last you the whole year round...ha ha...

Margaret said...

Hi Violet

auntie Irene 特地为你构思创作的Violet Mousse Cake 不但甜美,漂亮似粉红的樱花,与你的名字粉樱和你的粉红的blog很吻合,太妙了耶...

Anonymous said...

i am shuxian.yesterday did u enjoy your birthday.ha! ha!

ying said...

hello violet, i like to listen to yur program. when have dong li with u i more happy. when u 2 laugh light up my day. haha u 2 very cute. thank u =)

angeline78 said...

hi,dearest violet fen-ying姐,happy birthday to you!do you still remember me,i'am billy's ex-listener,小美.long time no see,how are you? currently,i'am very very busy working as an accounts assistant,absolutely no time to listen to your radio programme.although no time to listen to your programmes,but i did view your blog every weekend,frankly speaking,i realised after you got married,you are getting more and more pretty,我觉得你是一位非常单纯,幸福,快乐的小女人.viewing through all the photos you took with your husband and son,so sweet and full of family harmony,your son really looks so cute and handsome,it really sweets my heart with joy when seeing the photos.fen-ying姐,你很棒!!keep up the good work and strive for the best!!previously,i did listen to your programme for a few times,your laughter really brightens up our day!!hope you can put up more of your cute son's photos,if got some photos of his cute action,for example:做小动作,扮鬼脸啦!he really adorable!happy birthday to you,may happiness and health be with you always!!

Classiclicious said...

Hi Violet
Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

HELLO violet!
firstly, wish you a very happy belated birthday! hope you enjoyed your day. =)
I have dyed my hair red and it is fading very very fast. It has become brown now. =( is there any way I can prevent it from fading that fast? it has only been a week. then my highlighted red turned golden too. hais. help me pls!!


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hi Violet !
I often listen to your programmes and have watched your videos. Can I request you to teach us how to make 'tu-tu kueh' ?
Thanks (:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Violet,


Thanks & Best regards

Vivien said...

hi Violet,
Happy birthday to u...and just had ur cream puff recipe..but the pastry is too waterly is it the water is 200gm??pls help..cos my family like c/puff very much..sorry to trouble you..
thanks & regards....Viv

Anonymous said...

Hi Fen Ying,
I have a VL bag which cost $1,200 and have been using it for more than 2 years. As it is a yellow colour bag, it became very dirty already. Can you pl enlighten me how to clean it as it is very expensive. I do not wish to throw it away. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fen Ying,
I have a VL bag which cost $1,200 and have been using it for more than 2 years. As it is a yellow colour bag, it became very dirty already. Can you pl enlighten me how to clean it as it is very expensive. I do not wish to throw it away. Many thanks.

CY said...

nice birthday cakes...

btw, happy belated birthday...


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