Tuesday, February 23, 2010


今年的除夕夜,依旧需要跑两家(妈妈和家婆家), 一起吃团年饭。


起初还blur blur 的。。。。 不知道为什么每个人要分一对筷子?

后来,却捞得不予乐乎! 开心极了!




Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

Your son enjoying it. Having so much fun tossing the food. He like this dish. Must have ate alot that day.
: D


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

Pacific first time doing this, can tell from photos he very excited and happy. My son also first time and enjoy the tossing but didn't like to eat it. Hahaha.. : )


Anonymous said...

Hi fenying,

Wow! He smiling very happily.
Really enjoy himself.
This also my favorite. Yummy and delicious! Pacific wants more of this. I got vote for you for both most popular dj and your blog.
; P...


Lori said...

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