Wednesday, March 10, 2010







Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Now I realise persimmon skin can't eat. I often eat it with skin. Better peel the skin in future.


Anonymous said...

hi fenying,

luckily, i don't usually eat skin of potato and sweet potato. next time chestnut must remember to take the skin off before cooking or eating.

mrs wong

Anonymous said...

Hi violet

I also eat persimmon with the skin. Ate quite alot coz its my favourite. hope the bad substance not in my body. Must peel skin when I eat it again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,
Abit surprise to know persimmon and chestnut skins can't be eaten.
I got to keep this in mind as I sometimes will eat persimmon skin too.
Joyce : )

Anonymous said...

hi violet,
can check what type of enrichment classes should i send my 10mth boy to??


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

How should I help my 5 yrs old girl, how is very forgetful.

What should I do so that she can hv better memory.

Thank you!

Mrs Kong

Anonymous said...

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