Friday, March 19, 2010



感谢Addy,CLEO杂志的Fashion Director Sally Teo, 造型师 Marina, Cuppy以及名化妆师Ernest,
FUNKY MAMA的造型,很不同吧!

衣服是美国的名设计师Vivienne Tam的设计,纯金首饰由Poh Heng Jewellery提供。
感谢造型师们把我打扮得那么的“贵气”! :)

972 加油!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

Very funky! High boots, jewellery, dress and hair, all look very nice on you. Really look like some Hong Kong star! Too bad I wasn't able to win tickets to go watch it. Or else can take photo with you. I love your program. You always have my support. : )


Anonymous said...


I am very very disappointed that you never win. It is so obvious that you should be the most popular dj. You got so many support from so many listeners. How can you never win?? Really puzzled???

But I must say you really look great.... Although you are not so tall, but you just stand out from the rest.

You really look like SUPERSTAR!

Support you always!


Anonymous said...

Wow ! Fenying, pregnant still can look so young, sexy and pretty....You really can keep so well.

Btw I read in the newspapaer that you have won Singapore's BIGGEST award "THE BEST FEMALE DJ" in Singapore at the E-Award!

Congrat and jia you!

We will support you more next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

You so gorgeous! I like the funky look. The outfit is lovely and I love it. You definitely carry yourself well in the outfit. Very suitable for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
So shock and sad to know you never win radio award. But I also read from papers you won the best female dj award in the Singapore E-Awards. This is very good result too. Congrats! You look fabulous. Love this look. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

hi fenying

very sad you didn't win award. how come? i was so disappointed on thursday. later my friend told me you win another award which is "best female dj" in singapore. its very very good news. i really feel so happy for you after that.
you look cool man! black and gold theme was perfect. congratulations! you have all my support! ; D

Anonymous said...

Hey Fenying

Your new look, look like Mo Xiao Ling leh!:)

Anonymous said...

No lah! Mo Xiaoling where got so pretty??

Look more like Ou Xuan! : )

Anonymous said...


This style is quite different from your usual ones. Still is nice. You are a fantastic dj. Your program is interesting. Your hard work has paid off. Jia You! : D


Anonymous said...

I still think you look like Fish Leong, my favourite singer.
You are also my favoutire DJ.

Congrats for winning the BEST DJ in Singapore Award too!

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...


So happy to hear that you won the best DJ award. Congrats!
You look great!


Anonymous said...

Hello Violet,

Just know about you win that award. Best Female DJ! which means No.1 Female DJ! Yeh!! Congrats!
: D

Wee Luan

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Chong and Fenying,
Recently, my after ovaluation day is around 18days instead of the normal 14 days. Is it normal? I am worry... ;-(

Lily said...

Hi Dr Chong & Violet

Am 36 yr old this yr. Will there be any risks if I'm planning for a 2nd one?

Thanks for your advise.


Anonymous said...

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