Thursday, April 29, 2010


Glad to endorse Huiji Bird's Nest.
The article about my new endorsement is published today.
Here's the link:

Mother's Day is coming soon. It's next Sunday.
Wanna get the best gift for your mum and wish her good health?
This Sunday, 2 May, there will be a Huiji Roadshow at Jurong Point.
We will be there from 1pm to 3pm.
There will be lots of fun games for you to win fabulous prizes.

Huiji will be introducing attractive Huiji products packages at promotional prices.
First 100 customers will also get a free goody bag with products worth $15.
Hope to see you there!


5月2号,星期天, 下午1点到3点
Love 972 DJ Violet粉樱和建彬,
将到Jurong Point 中央舞台,

当天, 汇集将推出超值特价配套!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Just went to see the article and video at xinmsn. Wow! Your photo very nice and the interview was great too! So happy for you! ; )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

I love this photo very much.
You look lovely.
Will be going down jurong point to buy huiji products and support you too! : )

Mui Eng

Anonymous said...


Very happy for you. You look marvellous in the photos. So nice! Definitely go huiji roadshow this sunday. Congrats for having a baby girl!
: D


Anonymous said...

Fenying, I went xinmsn to see.

Wow! Very good! The outfits look great on you. The huiji photos are fantastic!

You did well. Jia You! ; )


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet
Saw your photo in the newspaper and I like it alot.
This one also very nice.
This Sunday see you at Jurong Point. I'm bringing my family there too!
Mrs Lee

Anonymous said...

Violet, I also find these huiji photos real nice. Well-taken! Although you are pregnant now, you still look gorgeous mummy! Great job! : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

You very nice in the huiji advertisement.

So pretty!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Just finish watching video and the article. Really good! This photo is lovely. You look beautiful! I'll be at jurong point see you.
; D


Anonymous said...

Fenying, the photos so nice.
You look great!
Very sweet and wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Hi fenying

I was at jurong point yesterday.

Very happy can see you and take photo with you.

You look good! ; )

Siew Yan