Friday, October 13, 2006

第一个blog post

这是我第一个blog post....



borntoblog said...

Good to see that you hv joined in the bandwagon of bloggers...looking forward to see & hear lots of your postings in the future

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

HIHI!!! I am 1 of ur supporter... i am Yu Mei's montheru should noe, last time china's trip no.5 bus 1...My mom wa go Korea but don ha another ppl accompany, are u wan go with my mom? If u want, my mom go with u, she go agency asked alreadi, abou 1.7k dollar!Orelse, she cannot go liao!Anyway...hahas...nice blog!!!

I will continue support u!!!

I also link u blog to read ya...THX =)

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

My mom want to go Korea with u as a company, do you wa to go with her? can u reply asap? can either rply on my blog or fax ur answer to 63695834. THx ! we will continue support Love972 FM!!!

Donald' Blogsite :

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi donald and borntoblog!
Thanks for your support and coming to my blog.

For donald, of course i hope your mum will join me for my tour. If she is alone, she can ask the travel agency then they will match her with another person to share room with her. Then she will know a new friend! :)

So your mum enjoyed her tour last time?

justin aka juzdevogue said...

Hi Fenying,
Nice to see in your blog.
hope to see more updates...:)

u take care,
all the best

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thankyou justin!!

Anonymous said...


很高兴见到你的blog. 希望能看到你那宝贝儿子的照片。



DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thank you eileeen.
I just put up the magazine cover photo leh....
You wanna see more photos?

Deelis Ang said...

Hi Violet, finally u upgrade your skills to be more IT. Hope to see more of your photos in future.

jos said...

Hi fen ying im one of ur supporter nice to c u here. plz send a greeting to billy wang, marcus, bik yu n de jiang.TQVB ops forgot to tell u, im Jos. jia you! jia you! jia you!

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks deelis...
gotta thanks kevin dejiang for pushing my to create this blog and i really enjoyed it.
And thanks to my friend and huishan too for helping me.
will put up more pix soon...
and thanks to jos for your great support. i hv sent your regards to my lovely colleagues liao.

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
Its a cute little baby you have. So cubby and cuddly.
Hey... saw your Korea trip video advertisement. Nice job... Beautiful sceneries and animations! Thumbs Up! Hope to see more updates :)

Daniel de Kee said...


i am daniel kee this 31.10.2006 is my birthday !can help me celebrating?is can reply me thank u

my blog:

KKCHOO said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
This is the first time a visited your web. Your photos are very nice. Not too sure if you receive the fax from YongMei. Like to request you to put the confinement food that you have done in your earlier programme on your blog. Thank you. Irene Low

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks anonymous for liking my baby and blog.

Happy birthday to daniel kee, listen to today's programme, i will wish you happy birthday on-air. Hope you never miss it.

Thanks kkchoo for your compliments... :)

As for irene, i have placed the confinement recipes on my blog liao. Juz go to the main page, on the right side, there is this pix which wrote: 樱儿日记,粉樱坐月食谱.
Just click on it then the recipes will appear... hope you can find it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Listen to your programme yesterday, find it good. Will you be posting up the receips and tips given to xin guan ja on blogs? Find them useful.

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Ok, i will try to post whenever i can. Thanks for your suggestions!!!

Aunty Alice said...

Hi Violet,

YOu have a wonderful and marvellous blog.

Thought you can help in housing matters... My sister wish to get a 3-room flat in Ang Mo Kio. Can you help???

Will provide you the details later, is it ok?


Aunty Alice..

Andrew said...

Hi Violet,

I have been listening to fm972 for quite a while and find that the programs are very enriching and interesting.

And heard from your new program about house issue. I have a 3-room flat located in Balam road and would like to rent out one room. May contact me at 90060740

Thanks & good day,

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

ok, auntie alice and andrew, will get in touch with you and broadcast on air soon!

Anonymous said...

hi fen ying jie, my mum always listen to your program. she likes ur recipes veri much. especially those homecooks dishes. she wants to learn to cook 盐炬鸡。 but she doesnt know how to cook. can u teach us? thanx a million!!!! heehee!! =)

by her daughter,
huimin =D