Friday, October 27, 2006

Listeners' Choice

Today i host 2-5pm Afternoon Tea Programme according to listeners votings....
coz they say being a mother, should not wake up too early or go home too late...
So sweet!!!
Hee hee....
Whether i will be hosting this timebelt next week onwards???
Gotta tune in to Love972 lah...


Anonymous said...

That great of the programme, it is good to change or rotate Deejays for a different timing and segements.
U take over Yongmei of the Afternoon Tea Programme.

I really miss Billy of the talks which i am not sure whether Ah Hong take over Billy.

Rgds, Justin

Deelis Ang said...

So glad to hear your voice in the afternoon. really brighten up my afternoon. Normally after lunch very sleepy, but with you around so got mood to work haha!
You got happy family - handsome husband and cubbly son. If got one more pretty daughter like you, that will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

if u r on 2-5pm...what time u start working, as i heard dj also work 8hrs a day , is that correct?

korea trip in dec, will u bring along ur hubby and son?


sammi said...


Heard your voice over the radio yesterday afternoon and you really brighten my day.

As 2pm~5pm is a dull moments of my day (bcos blood left brain to digest food in stomach, lah), so always feel sleepy, lo.

With your laughters in the air, it help me to 度过那难熬的下午。

So will pray hard that you can be on the afternoon shift.


justin aka juzdevogue said...

Hi Fenying,
yesterday the roadshow of vitagen, the overwhelming response was such a very good one.
well i pose some pixes in my blog, u can view my site when u are free.
hehe! :) :)

stay in touch! k:)

Echin said...



Anonymous said...

Violet, I so sorry I miss the topic regarding baby's laughter? Is it possible 4 u 2 repeat?


egon said...

Hi Violet,

Like you new programme very much. keep it up.


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks everyone for your support!!
I will work hard for my programme.

Justin, thanks for putting my vitagen show pix on your blog and now you know our new timebelts so for this time, we dont have Ah Hong. And I also miss Billy, our big brother too.... He actually wrote a letter to all our DJs and we are so touched about his warmth and concerns.

Replying to deelis: Whether to have the 2nd child, my hubby and i have come to a consensus that we will wait for a couple of years 1st coz my baby now very sticky to me. If i am pregnant again, cant possibly carry him leh... :)

For tq: Now hosting 2-5pm show, i will come to office at 10am to prepare my work and do some productions, and after shift i will stay for 1 or 2 hrs to finish up my work then wait for my hubby to come and fetch me lah.... then dont need to spend so much on transport mah.... kekekeke...
As for the korea trip, my husband is one of the 1st to book and has paid for it liao... as we encourage couples and family to go tour together to enhance family ties so yes, my hubby will go with me. Hope you too can go with the whole family. :) Too bad my son is too young so he will b taken care by my in-laws.

And Sammi: Congratulations for your wish come true....I will be providing you all the fun and laughter in the afternoon shift!! :)

Thanks echin for being so 乖 to leave your comments... :)

As for jessica, i think i will just roughly mention again about baby's laughter today for you between 2 to 2.30pm. Dun miss it again hor...

Thanks egon for your support and keep listening ok???

Anonymous said...

請你給我永梅德blog address

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

thankyou alice.
i give you all our djs blogs lah,
they are:

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

Is great that you have the recipe corner, would appreciate if you could have it post in English version as well.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi FenYing,
I would like to seek your help.Can you help me to find tenants on air?? I intend to rent the masterbedroom(fully-furnished) of my condominium and it is located at West Coast Crescent,Clementi.My contact number is 02-94791854 Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi 粉樱,
我通长用 ml 来量水份, 为什么你用 grams?


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying

Ni Hao.

heard your programme on 17/11/06
and you mentioned to leave message
in your blog.

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Yen, Ok, i will try.

As for looking for tenants, i will call you soon to do interview.

Xiaoyen, 1gm is also 1ml

Thanks anonymous for leaving down your message!!

Hope said...

Hi Violet,

Good to hear the informative programme. Thanks for recipe and etc... U have a young kid too, so do you have time to know more about montessori method. I think Montessori study is good for human and nature, is a mother must understand method. Do you want a self learning and peaceful kid? If yes, so... Y not? Baby programe include mind and soul... of montessori. There are many chinese book for montessori too .

2007 is 100 years after montessori first school, we still far away from her dream of new world.
We shold take care of the future (kids) spirit, help them develop their mind, instead of their body only