Monday, October 23, 2006

Like Father Like Son

Hey!! Some friends actually asked me who my baby look like.
Those who have seen my husband say our baby is a replica of him.
Here is my husband and baby!!
Like father like son???


YW said...

soooo cute!! violet i wanna carry your baby!! i love baby and i love kids too. baby's cheek is chubby, no wonder people love to pinch the baby's cheek. yes, your baby is like father like son. So jia you for 1 more girl, den like mother like daughter!! hahaaa.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,
last friday i ask regarding the link, i am sorry, i was not proposely asked.:)
your husband is great!!
LOOK so handsome!!


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

that's a good suggestion, yw...

justin, it's ok. I m so sorry i cant help you. next time if i master it then i tell you how lah...


JoY said...

Violet: I also want to carry your baby! Sooo cute one! den his face so innocent like dunno thinking of what: in deep thought: sooo CUTE!! I last time worked as childcare teacher, I loved my pupils very much and they also loved me very much. Kids=angels, naughty that time=monsters. Hahhaaaa..tks for posting yr baby photo here. I like :)

Anonymous said...

Ur baby is so cute!as well as ur hubby too!they look alive leh!

margaret said...

i am not adult ah..
i was in my father care yesterday then i hear wad u say in the radio station i love to listen to the radio when u Dj i wish u good luck in everything u do as well as ur marriage.. ^_^

msbubblesx said...

fen ying can u plz write all the Dj blogspot indside ur blog so that i can see it??

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

The following are the Blog Address of Love972 DJs

*** Violet Fenying’s Blog

*** Chen Biyu’s Blog

*** Guoxian’s Blog

*** Kevin Dejiang’s Blog
1) Radio Blog

2) Lifestyle Blog

3) Music Blog

4) Food Blog

5) Movie Blog

*** Renee Yongmei’s Blog

*** Wendy Xiaoying’s Blog

When you visit us, please leave us a comment
Do visit us often and even bookmark us!! Thankyou!!

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks joy and anonymous for liking my baby... next time if i bring along my baby to my roadshows, you may carry him... :)

Thanks little margaret for your support, well wished and love for my programme!!
This is really encouraging!! :)

Anonymous said...

.hey fen ying
do you still remember me??
i am ariel u know the wan that went to desaru with 97.2 the group the 3 day 2 nite wan ?
i was in BUS 1 u went to our bus then i was sitting right in front with 2 boys and 1 gurl ?
Anyways ur baby sooo cute i wish i can see him but you know yor DJ's so famous so hard to see u along he roads you get what i mean???
i n anyways i love your pogrammes on the radio
Sining off :lol Ariel
LOL= LOTS OF love!!

Anonymous said...

哇你的宝宝好可爱哟...我从怀孕开始收听你的婴儿日记(我好喜欢这个节目哦) 现在,我的宝宝已经两个多月了.


Anonymous said...

so cuuute!!! can put more of him in your blog. Don't be mistaken. I mean your BB. Not your dear. So don't worry. I 1 2 c more of your BB. Cute BB.

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks to anonymous and ariel!!

后来,就好了! 我想原因可能是:
1) 他喝得太急
2) 他太饱了
3) 他在吐奶时,不懂怎么从口中呕出,结果就从鼻子出
4) 气可能太多,一下打嗝,冲力太大



aunty lalaleh said...

Dear Violet,

I must say that your son is really adorable. 真的! As a mother myself, I know how excited and proud we can be as we see our child grows each day. No word can express that kinda feeling...but remember not to always 把儿子挂在嘴边 hor. Or else will end up like 莫啊姐一样,令人反感!
By the way, I like your program. your 'hor', 'la' and 'leh' very 亲切 lor. 1 樱 is better than 2 英 la.

Anonymous said...

我就像平常一样等着你的时段收听你的节目...今天让我感到非常的意外,感谢你在空中播出我遇到的难题 (今天才上网游览你的blogspot) 也谢谢你在blogspot 留下的密集!
:P 其实瞒享受这种新式的寄信及收信的感觉!!
972 加油,加油,加油哦!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

1st time log on to ur to listen to ur prog esp ur laughter so contagious...

jeani said...


Your son resemble more of your hubby but also got some part of your look on him. A good combination of you both. Looking forward to see you and your son if you ever bring him to your events.

Best regards


rachel said...

Your bb is a few days younger than my boy.Mine was born on 30dec05. Hey.. your boy is also very fair hor? Think he looks more like the daddy too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
I like the programe u ran on air, like ur lovely voice, and goggles laughter sounds... it make my day so happy n so POWER! if can pls don't waste so much time for people so ask u about ur blog again, n don't keep on repeating ur previos recipe.. maybe find someway to solve the problem. cos ur programe is not for the auty or uncle only but for us 20/30++ years old people right? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks to auty lalaleh,new mama and anonymousese for liking my prog... thanls for your encouragement!
I will also take note of your suggestions...

Rachel, Jeani and anonymous, you all are right, most people also think my son look like my husband.

Anonymous said...

嗨!粉樱!最爱收听你的“管家有话说”和“厨房笔记”的单元。我们每天都在听,很有趣,很开心。请你帮我问看用apple,tomato,carrot,potato一起打成水喝了会治老花眼吗?谢谢你。 我们永远枝持你哦! 陈素美

lolipop said...

ur baby is sooooooo cute~~
n ur husband is handsome 2~~

Mrs. Quek said...

Hi Violet,
I've faxed to you twice regarding Bed Wetting,did you receive it.

Anonymous said...

I used to listen other radio station, but when CNY coming, I can't find CNY song from other station. Then I "addicted" Love 972. So much of my love song, some of the old song reminded my golden time even I'm onli 28yrs old. :P