Wednesday, June 17, 2009



天呀!这真是难倒我了! ......





我们所亲自设计的T shirt已经在上个星期一在Tampines 1 Shopping Centre (Atrium)







哈! 你还喜欢我的设计吗?

: )


Anonymous said...

hi fenying,

it's great to do something for charity. seems like you put in much effort to design & sew the lace & crystals on the t-shirt. still went to seek professional help. the design looks good & so fast grabbed by someone offering a high price. it's worthwhile!

cheryl : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Your design of pink flowers and crystals very special. Lovely! I also want to own one but too bad it's limited edition.

: D


Vivian said...

Dear Violet

Understand that Dr Chris Chong will be on air this afternoon. Wanna to ask him how long the process of ligation will takes?? What will be the approx. costs for this to take place?? Please advise. Thanks & have a great day ahead!!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Wd like to seek Dr Chong's opinion. I had recently failed so-iui, reason probably due to husband's low sperm count. He has only 6M sperm count after washed. My gynae said ideally should be at least 10M above. It is not viable to proceed another round of so-iui as chances are slim. We are not prepared to do ivf either. What can my husband do to increase his sperm count? or is it possible to do so at all? He has been taking vit E. Any other vitamins help?


Anonymous said...

Fenying & Dr. Chong, 你们好。我想请问一下,如果想怀第二胎,距离上一次生产,最好相隔多久才再次怀孕?准备怀孕之前3个月是不是就要开始吃叶酸?在哪里可以买得到叶酸?

Anonymous said...

Hi doc chris and fenying
Am going to do iui this coming monday.. Yesterday doc measure only one follicles at 13mm. Am not sure shd i proceed the iui since only got one.. Also ideally shd i do iui on sat or monday?? Doc suggest sunday but am not working on sun.. Am very confuse now.. Do u think by sat, how many mm will my egg grow? Shd i do iui next monday? Will it be too late? My lining is at 8.8.. And my husband sa result is at 8% mobility and 70% grade A. Is this result good for my husband sperm?
Lastly may i know must we hv full bladder before do iui or empty bladder is better?? Kindly advise.. Desperate need help now. Thank u very much.. Pls answer my query.. Please please.. Sobz..

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Can u pls ask the guest on my behalf that my son likes branded goods shall I buy 4 him.

Thanks n regards


L-5 said...


One and only piece... Well done!!! :D

Cheers!!! :D

sweetie mummy said...


very classy. U put in a lot of effort for charity.

Well done..Sweetie mummy

Gladys said...


My mum drank the bu yao jing that you recommended. Now she has rashes all over her body. Please advice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gladys
I am MeiLing from Huay Feng Hang & thank you for your feedback. Our Waist Tonic is made of 100% natural herbs & if one's body is allergic to a particular ingredients, this will happen. Therefore we will advise your mum to stop drinking our tonic & see if the condition improves. After a week, try drinking it again & see the rashes problem comes back again. If it does,I am afriad that you might be allergic to one of the ingredients & will not be suitable to consumethis product of ours. If you still have any further enquiries, pls feel free to give us a call at 6748 2911. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi fenying & Dr Low jia Qi,
my baby gal is 16mths old now she only drinks around 300mls of milk and eats two bowls of porridge per day is it enough for her age? any supplements to improve her appetite? her weight is around 9kg.pls advice thanks a lot!

worried mum