Thursday, June 04, 2009




第一场在Jurong Point Fairprice Xtra举行.


第二场在AMK Hub Fairprice Xtra, 很多人都来排队抢购.....

第三场则在Jurong Point 广场举行, 反映更热烈......


: )


感谢Monsoon 和 Monsoon Sandstorm帮我打造!


: )




: )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

You look great with the makeup and hairstyle. Younger indeed! I think you look great with your left face as well. Try showing your left face more. Trust me, we can see better. JiaYou oh!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

So sweet your son made a flower for you. I like all your hairstyles especially the third one. You look very nice and after seeing your photos, i think the short hair very suitable for you.

Sheryl : )

L-5 said...


Your child so chubby and sweet. He made u a flower... and u must had treasured it!!! :D

I also think the third looks best on u. :D

Keep up the good work!!!

Cheers!!! :D

Anonymous said...

hi fenying,

so cute! your son holding the flowers. i love your new hair as much as i love your program. well done!

; )


Anonymous said...

fen ying,

i know that your radio station always have an advertisement for this school called iGenius? a japanese brand right brain training? but recently i went there to check out, the school outside paste a notice that this school owe people $$? so is it temporary? or is it long term? because of your recommandation i bring my kids there. now after sign up we saw these. please advice. reply a.s.ap pls

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

I have sent my kids to iGenius because of your recommendation, and so far it has been quite good. Their teachers are very pro and my kids love the lessons. I must thank you for the info!
Regarding the comments on iGenius's owing, i have checked with the school but there seems to be no such case and i did not see any such notice at the centre. Do let us know if you hear anything.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hi violet,

the hairstyles all nice. i enjoy seeing your photos & listening to your program very much. i've learnt alot of things. great job & jia you! your son very cute.


Anonymous said...

iGenius is owing goverment $ and even when I sent 3 kids to class, i overheard people come and collect $ and the person keep scolding. i paid 2k plus for the iGenius fee. thinking of refund but so helpless. I mean of course, when confronted the school, they will said that no such thing. which school will said they owe people $? the staff even told me, they school owe them salary.cant be the staff cheat me right? what for? so I can fork out $$ to pay their salary? one of the parent even told me they went to CASE to complained before. violet need your advice. -alice-

lin said...


I went to check out the site. And some forum people wrote these,---

Heard from someone that the teachers in iGenius can't really speak well. And when the parent commented on this, the teacher say it's ok cos they're not teaching English...but brain training. Hmmm... what do you think then?


I believe you do take your son for enrichment classes, do you mind to share with us, what are the things to look out before we sign up for those course? And end up when we found out the company having a lot of problems, we need to refund. Any few cents to share with us things to look out before sign up for expensive enrichment classes to prevent regret later on? Or share it in your radio programme, I m your supporter! Definately will listen. Love your hair, looks younger! Well done!

=) smile!

Anonymous said...





DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thank Jenny for your excellent and fair reply.

My job is to invite speakers to contribute contents to my program. I am sure every parents have benefitted from the show including me myself.

In fact, I have asked the principal Lino, she said there is no such things happening.

BTW can the anonymous who left the complaint message leave your name and email me your particulars to This is to show that yours is a genuine case and we will help to forward to igenius to help you settle your doubts.


Anonymous said...

Hi violet, please ask Dr Christopher on behalf of me. My daughter 15 yrs old and she says that her nipple always feel itchy. What's the reason for this cause? Does she need to consult doctor or gynae?