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1) 芹菜摘除叶片,洗净,葱和红辣椒洗净,切丝;红罗卜洗净,去皮并切粗条.
2) 锅中倒入半锅水煮滚,放入红罗卜,芹菜烫一烫,捞出,沥干水份,放入大碗中,加葱,红辣椒及A料拌匀,撒上白芝麻就可.

1) 鸡肉剁小
2) 蒜头剁成蒜茸
3) 姜也剁成姜茸
3) 菜脯,蒜茸和姜茸炒香
4) 加入鸡肉和水,慢火炒

ok, 下星期,请留意这个星期的发糕食谱!!
Stay Tuned!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Heard dat BB can oni eat egg yolk, how abt egg white?

My 6mth old son dun seems 2 like milk, so my nanny give him 1 feed porrodge, 1 feed milk & 1 feed米糊. Therefore his daily intake is oni 3 feeds mlik (abt 400ml) & 2 feed s9olid food.

这样的吃法对BB有益吗?他所吸取的营养够吗? If not, wat shall I do 2 make him drink milk?

Btw, thanks a lot LC for the doc's address & sorri 4 the late THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

Can post your recipe for fa gao? thanks a lot. :)
Li Yan

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Fengying,

I really can't stand those mosqitoes anymore as there is a constrution site behind my flat and everyday my child is being bitten. Please help me find ways to get rid of these mosqitoes.

Thanks, Eileen

peggy said...

fenying dear,

slow & steady,ver..very clear!

If i replace s/raisin flr,do i hv to wait for 5 hrs ????


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

ok eileen,
i will be discussing this topic on ait today...
listen to my program...

Cammi said...

Hi Xin Guang Jia,

Pls help, how to get rid of ants, my house gt alot of ants, really headache, mint leave try aled, but quite messy mus put alot.

Anonymous said...

Fengying, thanks you for your help. I will try those methods that you had mentioned.

your supporter, Eileen

Anonymous said...


In future yr receipe both chinese & english. conveni..ent OK !

trouble u ,sorry ...lah

Anonymous said...

Hi Xin Guan Jia,

Can help me to find out how to keep lizards away?

I really can't stand the sight of them or get near them.......pls help meeeeeeeeee!

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

现在外面有卖一些可以用来粘lizard and ants,also for cockroach的粘贴合。本身有试过还不错。

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

Can you play tis song around 2+ cos i've been looking forward 4 you al to play..its shang xin tai ping yang?

Cheers, Valerie..

stupiddog said...


sapphire8 said...

this is the website for teachers :)
do drop down some encouragement & life testimony bah!! :)

Anonymous said...

Violet, can u n other DJ use ur own voice, 假音很难听leh, tq

peggy said...

Fenying morning,

i hv try the fa gao, very sweet..leh.but NIce .tq

Anonymous said...

Hi! Fenying, my little girl is 3 yrs old and I have problem with her dry foot. No matter how I apply lotion on her foot, it still crack and it can't solve the problems. Dun know whether anyone can help me on this?

Thanks & rdgs,
Miss Tan

Anonymous said...

Hi fen ying,

Love all the dj's new programs.

I wish to know when will 972 personnel inform the winners of the 972 radio game to collect their prizes. I am one of the winner in the 3rd game. I am afraid that I may be away for holday when they called me.

Best Regards
Jacqueline Teo

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks folks for all your suggestions and questions. I will try to accomodate in my prog.

As for the假音, i never use liao. The xin guan jia is my normal voice leh....

Thanks peggy for trying my recipe and glad you like it...:)

Ms Tan, i will answer your question in my prog...

As for Jacqueline, i asked for you liao. Not to worry, all winners' letters will be posted out to you soon. So just look out for it lah....

Enjoy and relax...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet...

Think year end 1992 and begin 1993...when u were working in IRAS when it was still located at the Fullerton u remember Sheldon, Eva, Juliet, Johnny, Joyce and Mrs Yeo? That group of JC students working under Mrs Yeo in the HR Dept...I'm Sheldon...not sure if u can still recall that part of ur contact is hope to hear from you.

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi sheldon, yes i remember you. hope to hear from you often and tune in to my prog hor....

As for annonymous, 要下载我的发糕和muffin食谱的话,请在我的BLOG主页的右手边找"Welcome to 我的厨房笔记,for recipes please click the picture below",然后点击下面的图片,就可以联线到食谱的网站了!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

I'm showing my mother how to read your blog.

she introduced me to your 'kitchen notes' recipes and blog.


Anonymous said...

HI,may i noe y my bady girl keep scrating her head..she is onli 14 month old and she is losing lot of hair due to it...any way of sloving it..??

Yvvone said...

hi Violet,

Foster said...

Fengying, thanks you for your help. I will try those methods that you had mentioned. your supporter, Eileen