Monday, October 05, 2009

Auntie Irene's Durian Mooncakes

Last Friday afternoon, Addy asked me where to get best durian mooncake?
I say I dont know.
But that evening, I went to Auntie Irene's house to collect the mooncakes she made for me.
I know the answer liao.
It's Auntie Irene's Durian Mooncakes!
She uses "cat mountain king" durian which is better than D24 durians.

She also made 2 boxes for Addy and 1 box for my colleagues.
Everyone commented that they are really very delicious.
So good and thick that we thought we are eating durians!!

Actually, nowadays, mooncakes are very expensive.
Four big durian mooncakes in the market, can cost us $88 to $100.
Eight small ones costs $40.
Auntie Irene sold her durian mooncakes to those she knows at 6 small ones for $25 only which is very cheap considering the pure and thick ingredients she uses!!

In fact, many people from my facebook wanted to order from her although the Mid-Autumn Festival is already over........
But Auntie Irene says she has been very busy for the past 1 month, so she needs to rest for this whole month to recuperate......

Thanks for your interest.
: )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,
The mooncakes looks great.
Please let us know when Auntie Irene can start making again.
I also want to try.

Mrs Goh

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

I love durians and after seeing the photo and your description, my saliva going to flow out. So tempting! I also want to buy if auntie irene is making them again. If not, next year have to reserve early with her.

: P


L-5 said...


Yup, Yup, Auntie Irene's Durian Mooncakes is the Best so far!!! :D

Thanks for sharing!!! :D


Jennifer said...


是啊! Auntie Irene 的Durian Mooncakes 是“一级棒”的哦!吃了真的是停不了口。

Anonymous said...

hi fenying,

i got a box of durian mooncakes for around $40 and it's D24. auntie irene uses top quality durians and the price is cheap too. i very interested to order from her.


Irene said...

Hi Mrs Goh, Jasmine, & Fanny


Thanks L5:)

Thanks Jennifer:)