Thursday, October 15, 2009





很荣幸,能见到当晚的特别贵宾: 副总理兼内政部长兼碧山大巴窑集选区国会议员,黄根成先生!








其中包括: 双人到香港迪士尼乐园的旅游配套!




: )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,
I am a resident in Bishan.
I was there too.
Really had a great time.
Thanks for your great job.


Anonymous said...

Dr Chong and Fenying,

Like to check with you. If we don't ovaluate well... should I do SO-IUI or Ovary drilling? As a gynea actually say that Ovary drilling will result you to have ovalution every month. THen can try natural way to conceive. May I know is it true? Wondering what should I do now.. sigh...
Thank you very much.

Confused gal,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Chong,
May I check with you if we are trying to conceive (not pregnant yet), can we eat supplement Obimin and folic acid together? What's the purpose of Obimin? Worry that anyhow take the wrong thing...

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

From Jeslyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Chong,
May I know when can we start exercise again if jus do DnC? Because feel like losing some fat and yet worry will hurt the womb if run. Hence, kindly advise after how many weeks are the best time to do running exercise and yet won't affect the womb.

Thankyou. hope to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Chong ,
May I know every year my pap smear result got candidi yeast , is it ok ( 5 years) , my doctor said may I eat too sweet , what should going to do now .......

May Goh

Anonymous said...

Hi FenYing,

Had a question about obimin after hear what Dr Chong mention just now...if I have anemic and yet plan to get pregnant... can I start taking obimin now since according to Dr Chong that it contains iron? Or is it that I can take only after get pregnant?

Kindly advise.. Really look forward to Dr Chris on air every week.

Thank you for his and your help.


Anonymous said...

hi fen ying,
I've an natural abortion in august(no heart beat seen) the doctor gave me folic acid to take for 3 months. if i plan to get pregnant, must I still continue to take folic acid after this 3 months? or how long the time duration I need to take the folic acid?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fengying & Dr Chong,
Hv a question . My last pregnancy my umbilical cord was thinner than normal but luckily my son was not unweight and healthy . I am planning to have a second one, will this happen again?


Anonymous said...

hi violet,

what a great way to spend your mid autumn festival. seems like an enjoyable night with so many games and performances.

: D


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

I was there at bishan with my kid. We had a good time watching the performances and my kid kept playing at the games stalls. Luckily the rain didn't dampen the atmosphere. It was very crowded. Saw the lovely host too.


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi Ray and Yen,
Hee hee....
Thanks for coming.
Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

For others, next time dont miss my events hor, then you wont miss the fun!

Sally is right, we really had lots of fun!

Violet Fenying

Cheryl said...

aiyoh ms tan, minister giving speech u behind posing for picture... funny leh... haha!

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Ha ha...
If not no chance to take photo with him leh...
; )