Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nice Mooncakes Packaging I

I really love this very special packaging box of mooncakes given by my optometrist friend, Mark.
It is not a simple box......

When you open it up, it actually transforms into a camera from olden days!!
Very nice right??
This is the front view.

Then at the back, there are some drawers where all the mooncakes are.......
This is my favourite mooncake box!!
Very authentic indeed!
: )


Anonymous said...

Thanks Fenying for sharing.
This is really very special.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi violet,

the packaging so special. i've never seen so nice one before. i also like it! : )


L-5 said...


Nice antique mooncake box!!! :D

During the Mooncake Festival, in order to boost sales of the Mooncakes, they have to think of unique method of packaging.


Thanks for sharing!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

This is a nice design. Never expect mooncake package can turn out so lovely. You can also use it to keep things.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to disturb. Can I know the name of the book that you have recommended yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

Can ask Dr Chong to elaborate more about abnormal pap smear results. My result is repeat the test in 1 yr time. what me suspose to do then...... worry abt may get cancer.Thks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Chris and Fenying,
Am your faithful listener.. had ever asks abt my baby don't grow and about the injection (fraxipirin) recently.. anyway, my baby really can't make it. Now am thinking is it because i don't take the injection that caused all this to happen? Very sadz... as I got anemic so not sure is it due to this problem. Guess hv to rest another few months then can try again.. thanks for answer my questions last time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Christopher Chong,
May I know if I do a D & C. When can we have sex with husband again w/o worry for infection? Is it 2wks or 1 month?

Thank you.. hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Chong & Fengying,

Good afternoon.
could Dr Chong kindly advice which of the following operations resectoscopic or Laparoscopic myomectomy is a better choice for removing 5 fibroids of approx. 4-5cm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Christopher Chong ,
I every year pap smear result show yeast ( 5 year ) , is this abnormal and I never show any discharge , my doctor said maybe eat too sweet , how i am going to do .....

than you .....May Goh

Anonymous said...

Dr Chong and Fenying,
Like to check with you. If we don't ovaluate well... should I do SO-IUI or Ovary drilling? As a gynea actually say that Ovary drilling will result you to have ovalution every month. THen can try natural way to conceive. May I know is it true? Wondering what should I do now.. sigh...
Thank you very much.

Confused gal,

Stressed Employee said...

Hi Violet,

I need to help my boss to find a maid. I've got bad experience with some Agency. I would appreciate if you could let me have the contact of the Agency you're currently using.
Many many thanks.

Stressed Employee

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

My 3yr old daughter prefer to sleep with her granny at night. But the problem is they will only turn in around midnight. I am worry she will not have enough sleep and will affect her development. But she will cry for the whole night if she was to sleep in my room. Pls advise any solution to my problem.
Thank you.

Best Regards,