Friday, November 06, 2009



1 洁面时水温以30℃为宜。

2 洁面后用冷水洗脸。

3 油性皮肤的人不宜用冷水。

4 不要使用脸盆和湿毛巾。



Anonymous said...

hi fenying,
now i know the correct way to wash face. all along, i've wash my face the wrong way. share info with my friends and family. they all very surprised! : D

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,

I always think wash face the water not important at all. After reading your post, I also never use the right water to wash face. Hope now I wash the proper way won't be too late.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying
This is very good information. Never know wash face still need two kinds of water. I start today and see if got different from last time.
; )

Anonymous said...

Dear Fenying and Doc Chong,
Glad to hear that you are coming today. Like to check with you if we are planning for pregnancy, is it safe to take any seasonal flu vaccine called Fluarix? How about H1N1 vaccination, is it safe to take if planning for pregnancy? Maybe will be safer not to take any vaccine if planning for pregnancy right?

Kindly advise.. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

To Doc Choong,
May I know is it true if we exercise recently will increase our prolactin level? Because I heard if level increase will affect fertility. But I thought exercise is good? Please advise is this true? And will prolactin level too high caused us diffcult to conceive?

Thank you and hope to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet,
Need some advice by Dr Chong:

My hubby always has fungus ard his private parts and thru my observations, I get it from him every time after sex. This is very frustrating and annoying! Is an agony for me as it's a very itchy and torturing process.... It makes me very phobia with my hubby now... but my hubby is unwilling to visit the GP as he is shy...(even a male GP!).. my GP has cfm it to be some fungus call Ca_____ (dunno the spelling)u have any beta suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Choong and Fenying,
May I know if we have mucus and egg white discharge, does it mean we ovalute? How can we detect ovalution? As recenly I visit my gynea and he says that I don't ovalute this month. But I have detect egg white mucus and opk is positive. Why is it he say that I don't ovalute this month? How will we know whether we really ovalute? Must we always go for scanning then can know? Please help me.

Fr Panick gal. (hope to conceive soon. please please don't ignore my questions...) Thank you.