Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Funny PCK

Two weeks ago, we really had a fun time with Phua Chu Kang.
He was there with us for the Courts Megastore Bedding Fair.

He sang......

He played games with us.....

And he entertained us with lots of jokes.
He is really funny....

All of us enjoyed ourselves as we all had a very fun and lovely Saturday afternoon with Phua Chu Kang!
Hope next time I can have more chances to host with him again!
: )


Anonymous said...

I like Gurmit Phua Chu Kang too.
With you, marcus and him sure very funny. What a pity I was not there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying
From the way you laugh, can tell that you really enjoyed yourself.
Be happy always.


Anonymous said...

hi violet,

i was there with my daughter. PCK so funny and we enjoyed ourselves. i manage to take a photo with you too. so happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

I miss out all the fun. Hope next time still got chance to catch PCK and you. I sure go.

L-5 said...

Hi Violet

Too bad the other day was not free to go...

Keep up the good work!!! :D

Cheers!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying

I was there. Really laugh from start till end. I played a game with PCK and you. So fun! : )


Anonymous said...