Monday, November 30, 2009

Polo Bun 菠箩包

我在上个星期的假期中,特地到我的干妈, Aunty Irene 的家里去.
我一到不久,她就马上动工,快手快脚地烘出12个非常美味可口的 菠箩包!


吃后,还打电话给Aunty Irene,说:"Very Nice, I like your bao leh. I ate two you know?....."
哈! 哈!

Aunty Irene说如果把菠箩包切开,再烘,然后趁热夹上cheese slice 的polo bun 味道更加棒哦!
Yummy Yummy!
: )


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,
Wow! Looks so yummy!
Make me hungry.
I also want to eat some.
: p..

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

The buns really look delicious! Auntie Irene great skills! See your son eat I also want. Imagine add butter and cheese... ; )


Anonymous said...

hi fenying,

your son enjoy it very much. can finish eat two buns. must be very tasty! aunty irene can open bakery shop.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fen Ying and Dr Guo,
My chinese doc asks me to try "ER Jiao" to bu xue. Drink one packet every day. Do you think this will really helps alot in increasing my blood? Is it heaty? May I know what is the ER Jiao actually?
Thank you a million...

Anonymous said...

Hi Violet n Auntie Irene

The polo bun look very delicious! I wld like to try to make for my girl, could I hv the recipes pls. Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Violet

Do you have your Godma, aunty Irene's photo? Can show us?

She is a good cook, so must see how she look like. Kekekeke...

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Ha ha.... My Godma really good cook!

But she says she cannot reveal her photo leh.... : )