Wednesday, June 30, 2010







Anonymous said...


I must don't on air con too often. Now learn this can be harmful. No wonder sometimes I a bit flu in the morning after having air con for the whole night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fenying,

Since air con is not good, have to switch to use fan.. no choice. Better heed advice. : D


iris said...

粉櫻您好:我想請問醫生一件很難理解的問題,因為想要健康生活,所以我開始每週三次跑步20~30分鐘,一個月後發現,我的生理期從三十天縮短成二十天,就這樣兩次生理期後,我不敢再慢跑,就怕提早更年期!! 另外,還有一個不正常的現象,就是最近一年每次生理期前都會有深色分泌物4-7天不等,才會正式開始大量出血,不過上述兩次較短的生理期時很特別的沒有這種症狀,我今年39歲了,真不知道是甚麼問題?我該不該再跑步?謝謝您!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Chong and Fenying,
Have taken 4 times of clomid and am trying natural but still no result.. very very sad.. To further improve the chance of timing intercourse. Will you suggest that we inject the medicine to induce ovalution so that we will know when we have ovalute and can plan our intercourse timing? so that we don't miss the boat? After injection, can we try natural instead of IUI. Is it fesible?
Do you did this before for your patient?

Really in a lost now.. not sure what to do. :-( May I know your rough charges for IUI only.

Thank you so much..


Anonymous said...


Me 39 years old. My period use to be 4 days and nowaday on the third day no period at all . Any problem ...


iris said...

感謝Dr Christopher Chong 詳細的回答及粉櫻的幫忙,非常高興,安心不少,我會找醫生檢查檢查,謝謝!謝謝!

Anonymous said...


Don't dare use air con after read this.

Never think air con is bad.

Can at the same time save electricity bill. Ha Ha.. ; D


Anonymous said...

Dear Violet and Dr Chong,

I have given birth to 2 kids, age 2 and 5 yrs old, both through natural birth.

I noticed that after giving birth to my 2nd kid, my “controlling” of urine has not be so good. Sometimes, I will feel that I have a lot of urine in my body, but when I go and release, is only about 12 secs. By right I used to be able to “store” more than 20 secs urine before having the urge to go toilet. I wonder is it normal?

For your kind advice, please.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Chris,

Like to check with you on how much do you charge for IUI? That means exclude the puregeon injection. Just IUI alone to help put the sperm into ovary. Thank you...


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi Rechel,
Dr Chong says you may email him at

He will reply you.